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2Tiff - Descarcă 2Tiff, versiunea 8.3

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If you require software to convert batches of images to the TIFF format quickly and effortlessly, then consider using the 2Tiff tool. The software has an expansive command line and the interface is simple to use. Plus, the program is reliable and the flexibility in its functionality speaks for the genius behind the design of the program. The fact that 2Tiff is a stable program means it is a suitable graphics kernel when you talk about software application integration, especially web server integration.
The 2Tiff utility provides support for over 50 graphical formats, which include jpg, gif, png, ico, jpeg, cur, ani, tga, wpg, psp, clp, and cut. If you are frustrated with getting many images attached to your emails or faxes and other office documents, it’ll make a lot of sense to use 2Tiff to create a single image document storage that will help you to maintain all the images you receive from anywhere. The 2Tiff will provide you the benefit of storing documents in a specific database, enabling you to email or fax those documents and allow you utilize the OCR software so you can convert all the TIFF images to text formats.
The program is useful in situations where you have a lot of pictures and images to convert into TIFF format.


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Sistem de operare: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2003
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Dezvoltator:fCoder Group, Inc.
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